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Tribute To Lou Manesiotis

Louis G.Manesiotis





The passing of Brother Louis Gregory Manesiotis, Sr., Past Supreme President of the Order of Ahepa, saddens us all as members of the great Ahepa Family.

We have been distinctly honored by his brilliant accomplishments, legendary leadership and prophetic vision for more than six decades.

Big in body, big in mind and big in heart, he was always big indeed in his total dedication to the gallant causes of Ahepa, our Holy Church and Hellenism.

Perhaps it is significant that he passed away on the Ahepa Day celebrated by our Churches throughout America.
We also honor him as the last surviving founder of the Ahepa First Party which has provided our Order with the overwhelming majority of national leaders since its founding in 1957.

We expressed our heartfelt condolences to his Sons, Louis and Gregory, and their families and to all his loved ones.
His “Magnificent Obsession” was the Order of Ahepa, to which he devoted his life moving forward its gallant causes.
May His Memory Be Eternal!

- By James S. Scofield, PSP