"Ahepa Frist, Last and Always"







A Brief History Of The AHEPA FIRST PARTY


The leading, largest and most successful political group in the Order of AHEPA -- the AHEPA FIRST PARTY -- began with a meeting in Cleveland Ohio, in March of 1957. It was unanimously agreed that its motto would be: "AHEPA FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS."


Prior to that historic meeting, the major parties in the Order were known as the Chebithes Party and the Booras Party, named after their respective founders and leaders: Past Supreme Presidents V.I. Chebithes and Harris J. Booras. Brother Louis G. Manesiotis, after attending several Supreme Conventions, determined that a change in leadership was essential and urged his closest fraternal friends to explore the formation of a new and more dynamic group to move AHEPA forward in a progressive direction. In addition to Brother Manesiotis, the charter members attending were: Kimon Doukas, Constantine Gatsos, George Loucas, John Manos, Stephen Scopas, Socrates Sekles and Constantine Verinis.


After the very productive Cleveland meeting, the AHEPA FIRST PARTY grew rapidly and in the Summer of 1957 at the St. Louis Supreme Convention, beat the odds with an upset victory that saw Constantine Verinis elected Supreme President and George Loucas elected Vice President. From that point on, it became the most successful party in the history of AHEPA.