"Ahepa Frist, Last and Always"







Supreme President:  George Horiates (New Horizons)                  

Supreme Vice President:  Jimmy Kokotas (AHEPA First)           

Supreme Secretary:  Jim Stasios (AHEPA First)               

Supreme Treasurer: Savvas Tsivicos (New Horizons)                   

Supreme Counselor: Lou Atsaves  (AHEPA First)                  

Supreme Athletic Director:  Chris Atsaves (AHEPA First)

Board of Trustees: Nick Aroutzidis (AHEPA First)    

Board of Trustees:   Alex Gerountas (New Horizons) 

Supreme Governors:

       Region 1                                  

       Region 2                                  

       Region 3                                  

       Region 4                                  

       Region 5                                 

       Region 6                                  

       Region 7                                         

       Region 8                                  

       Region 10                                

Chicago Supreme Convention Officers:                           

Chairman:  E. Chris Kaitson                                

Vice Chairman:  Marshall A. Monsell             

Secretary:  Nick Kavadas                       

Once our slate for Atlantic City is finalized, we will post it here with bios.


Supreme Candidates For 2019

Chicago Supreme Convention








                                                                                                               See Additional Candidate Information Below







































































































































George E. Lucas











John W. Galanis


































































Louis G. Atsaves







































































Demetrios Kirkiles
























































































Tom Gober

































Timothy J. Joannides




































































































Nick Aroutzidis