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AHEPA is an Organization That is Open to All People

AHEPA Was Founded by Greek Immigrants

The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) is a Greek-American organization that has been in existence since 1922. It was founded by a group of Greek immigrants who came to America seeking better opportunities for themselves and their families. The AHEPA has since grown into one of the largest and most influential organizations in the Greek-American community.

Despite its roots in the Greek community, the AHEPA is open to all people, regardless of their ethnicity or background. This inclusivity is a core value of the organization and is reflected in its mission statement, which reads in part: “To promote the ancient Greek ideals of education, philanthropy, civic responsibility, and family and individual excellence through community service and volunteerism.”

Programs and Initiatives

One of the ways that the AHEPA promotes these ideals is through its various programs and initiatives. These include scholarships for students, disaster relief efforts, and support for veterans and their families. The AHEPA also sponsors cultural events and educational programs that are open to the public, such as lectures on Greek history and language classes.

The AHEPA’s commitment to inclusivity is also reflected in its membership policies. While the organization was founded by Greek immigrants and has a strong Greek-American identity, it is open to anyone who shares its values and mission. In fact, the AHEPA has a significant number of non-Greek members, including people from other ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Meet Rolf Olsen

One such member is Rolf Olsen, a retired teacher who lives in Minnesota. Despite having no Greek heritage, Olsen was drawn to the AHEPA because of its commitment to education and community service. He has been a member of the organization for over 20 years and has served as the president of his local chapter.

In an interview with the Greek Reporter, Olsen spoke about his experience as a non-Greek member of the AHEPA. “I’ve always felt welcome in the AHEPA,” he said. “The organization is very open and accepting, and I’ve made many friends over the years.”

Meet Mary Fowkes

Another non-Greek member of the AHEPA is Mary Fowkes, a retired physician who lives in New York City. Fowkes was introduced to the organization by a Greek-American friend and was impressed by its commitment to philanthropy and community service. She has been a member for several years and has served on the board of her local chapter.

In an interview with the National Herald, Fowkes spoke about her experience as a non-Greek member of the AHEPA. “I’ve been welcomed with open arms by the Greek-American community,” she said. “The AHEPA is a wonderful organization that does so much good in the world, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

The AHEPA’s commitment to inclusivity has not gone unnoticed by other organizations. In 2019, the AHEPA was recognized by the National Diversity Council as one of the “Top 25 Diversity Leaders” in the state of Ohio. The award was given in recognition of the AHEPA’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in its membership and programming.


The AHEPA is an organization that is open to all people, regardless of their ethnicity or background. Its commitment to inclusivity is reflected in its mission statement, its membership policies, and its programming. The AHEPA is a shining example of how an organization can be rooted in a particular culture or community while still being open and welcoming to people from all walks of life.