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Louis G. Manesiotis


The AHEPA First Party, established in March 1957 at a historic meeting in Cleveland Ohio, has since become the driving force and most successful political group in the Order of AHEPA. Their motto “AHEPA First, Last and Always” was unanimously agreed upon, setting the stage for a new era of progressive leadership.

Prior to the formation of the AHEPA First Party, the Order was divided between the Chebithes Party and the Booras Party, named after their respective leaders. But after attending several Supreme Conventions, Brother Louis G. Manesiotis recognized the need for a change in leadership and rallied his closest fraternal friends to explore the formation of a new and dynamic group.

Charter members including Kimon Doukas, Constantine Gatsos, George Loucas, John Manos, Stephen Scopas, Socrates Sekles, and Constantine Verinis, attended the Cleveland meeting and paved the way for the AHEPA First Party’s rapid growth.

In a surprising upset victory at the St. Louis Supreme Convention in the summer of 1957, Constantine Verinis was elected Supreme President and George Loucas Vice President. This marked the beginning of the AHEPA First Party’s unprecedented success, making it the largest, leading and most influential political group in the history of AHEPA.